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Thursday, August 10

on the road again

if you look really really fuckin hard, you can see me waving from my window

I just got back from our nation’s capital where the MAN had dispatched me for a little of the ole refresher training. Actually the place was in Virginia but that’s not important now. What is important is that I had to fly once again. My outgoing flight from Kansas City departed at seven-thirty which was earlier then a muthafucker to be going to anyone’s airport.

I headed out on Midwest Express which if you got a fat ass or you’re tall is the only way to go. But using Midwest meant that instead of landing at Dulles where everyone was meeting up, I landed at Regan National Airport where I had to catch a shuttle over to Dulles where I hopped another shuttle to the conference center where my training took place.

The National Conference Center is actually a very cool place; cool if you don’t mind walking your ass off and getting lost. As you can tell from the above photo calling the place huge is somewhat of a fuckin understatement. Other then that it rocks as a place to hold meetings and other shit of that nature.

The rooms are small but nice, an on site bar and restaurant, and a cafeteria where they serve three squares a day of all you can eat and almost damn near anything you want. Nothing says heart stopping love like a giant tray full of crisp bacon and no one standing over you counting.

And for those of you used to taking meetings and shit, they even have fully stocked break stations every few hundred feet filled with everything from coffee to cokes and fruit to pastries.

Unlike last year when I first went to this place I decided to forgo the rental car and insane DC traffic and left the driving to the paid professionals. And yes, I did come back with a few good stories but let’s leave those for later.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger The Beltway B@stard said...

Next time you fly into Dulles, look down as your crossing the Potomac River and wave to me. I live near the river, right on the Dulles glide path.

You can even drop me a line at my site, and I'll be glad to help you get around town.

7:31 PM  
Blogger LL said...

Dude, you were SO smart to not drive. From my own limited experience at the Milblog Conference and me renting a minivan and driving everyone hither and yon for 2 days, that is the most FUCKED UP CITY EVER to drive around in.

8:41 PM  

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