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Monday, March 8

I got your back!

American soprano Deborah Voigt has been replaced in Richard Strauss' Ariadne on Naxos because of her weight. The casting director for the Royal Opera House production chose a slimmer singer. Last year, the Bolshoi Ballet was forced to reinstate a ballerina fired because of her weight.

Damn, how fucked up is that to be fired from the opera because your ass is overweight? What kind of insane asshole goes up to the singer in the opera and say’s shit like “hey babe, you gots pipes like a muthafucker but until you learn to pull away from the table and drop some pounds I’m cutting you from the squad”. How fuckin demeaning must that be to the chick on the receiving end? You’ve learned the fucking arrangements; you can even sing the shit in multiple languages. But to be told your ass is too fat! To sing in the fuckin opera? I’d go mad cow crazy on a muthafucker. I’d put my opera singin, Pavarotti pushin, pasta eatin foot so far up that fey casting director’s ass, he’d have to move his tongue out of the way to tie his shoes. Fuck him! Now as far as the fat ballerina goes, all I can say is damn! Cause c’mon, who wants to see a fat ballerina? Really! A muthafucker can only take so much.


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