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Tuesday, April 13


Just a short list of muthafucker’s who can take a long hard slob off the ole cock today.

1. Insurance companies because instead of giving you quotes, they insist on you giving up personal information under the guise of better customer service. For that you get to suck my dick.

2. The government for not giving me as a government employee and government discounts on my taxes. When I worked for the cable company I got free cable? For that they get to suck my dick.

3. The great state of Missouri or the fuckin city or who the muthafuck ever for charging me personal property tax. Fuck you and you can also suck my dick.

4. Corn eating retards that I to deal with on a day-to-day basis. You too can slob the knob.
Fuckin people who cough they’re assess off but don’t cover the receiver up as they talk to you over the phone. Nasty bitches. You can cough all over my cock.


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