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Wednesday, August 11

stupid politicos

"CNN reported that Kansas Attorney General Phil Kline is preventing more than 1,600 CDs from the state's public libraries because they were deemed to 'promote violence or illegal activity.'
Among the banned discs are artists such as OutKast, Rage Against the Machine, Lou Reed, and Devo. The American Civil Liberties Union calls it censorship. A spokesperson for the AG's office said the AG is acting in the best interests of the people of the state, since the 'albums... did not mesh with the values of a majority of Kansans.” The Kansas Library Association is supporting the decision. KLA's executive director said the attorney general 'did the libraries a big favor', saying the libraries would have made the decision to remove them anyways.
The discs are part of 51,000 CDs sent to Kansas as part of a 2002 court settlement between the music industry and forty US states over allegations of price fixing."

I’ve hearing about this for days on end it seems like. From what my many inside sources tell me, yes, Phil Kline had his staff go thru all the CD’s and remove any he or they thought objectionable. Yes, the Kansas State Library Association does support Phil’s decision. But they do wish they were consulted before hand or allowed to handpick shit themselves, so that shit’s questionable. And yes, Phil Kline is bugtits crazy and has no fucking business assuming to know what’s best for the people living in Kansas. One of Phil Kline’s better decisions evolved supporting the verdict to put an 18 year old mentally challenged kid behind bars for seventeen (17) years for giving a consensual blowjob to another kid who admits that he was cool getting the consensual blowjob. What makes this decision so fucked up is that if the 18 year old had gone down on a chick instead, the sentence would’a been maybe a year and a half. This being due to Kansas having a law on the books basically stating that since kids in Kansas are stupid little shits lets not fuck up their lives too much for diddling each other whilst underage. And let’s not even begin to talk about how many fucking underage kids do you have to have fucking each other to come up with that law. But because he blew another guy and Phil believes that homosexuality encourages deviant crap like bestiality, stealing and other law-breaking nefarious shit, the kid was treated as an law-breaking adult and thrown under the jail and flung to the stinkin butt-fuckers in lockdown. So what does Phil Kline know about fuckin anything? Pious censorshipping, homophobic piece of cock growth doesn’t know shit. Oh, here’s a list of the CD’S that Phil hates and thinks is bad for the library card carrying masses.

Alice In Chains, "Greatest Hits," "Live"
Big Punisher, "Yeeeah Baby"
Blink 182, "Cheshire Cat"
Foxy Brown, "China Doll"
Concrete Blonde, "Bloodletting," "Classic Masters"
Cypress Hill, "III," "Live at the Fillmore"
Da Brat, "Unrestricted"
Devo, "Pioneers Who Got Scalped"
Heavy D, "Heavy"
Jagged Edge, "JE Heartbreak"
Live, "The Distance to Here"
Mas,e "Harlem World"
NAS, "It Was Written," "Nastradamas"
Nortious B.I.G., "Born Again"
OutKast, "Aquemini," "Stankonia"
Rage Against the Machine, "Renegades"
Lou Reed, "Growing Up in Public," "Rock and Roll
Heart," "Sally Can't Dance," "Walk on the Wild Side"
Silver Chair, "Freak Show"
Soul Asylum, "Candy From a Stranger," "Let Your
Dim Light Shine"
Stone Temple Pilots, "Tiny Lights: Songs From the
Vatican Gift Shop"
Toadies, "Hell Below"
"Bad Boy Records Greatest Hits"
The Wu-Tang Clan, "The W"
Wyclef Jean, "The Carnival"

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Brent said...

I've listened to quite a few of those. I guess I can't be a cop anymore.

8:32 PM  
Blogger bad river said...

Pfft, I've got 3 of those in my changer right now.

Ya know, I come here to be entertained not pissed off!

I dunno what cds go for in KS but in NY you're paying 18.99 (last time I checked anyway). So according to my math the state owes you somewhere in the neighborhood of 30K for the 1600 cds that ya can't borrow from the library. I mean they did belong to YOU - the people of the state of KS.

What's Kline gonna do with those cds anyway? Sell 'em on Ebay to us morally bankrupt NYrs?

8:04 AM  

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