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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: peanut butter pancake blues

Tuesday, May 30

peanut butter pancake blues

Just thought I would type out a few highlights from this weekend. Saturday morning me and a couple of friends drove up to Topeka, Kansas to drop off the fenders and a few other odd parts off the trike kit and bike so they could be prepped and painted. I figured in keeping with the bike’s theme, everything should be cop bike white. Met the cat doing the paint who lived in this really cool old school Texaco gas station that he’d converted into his home. You know, one of the old red brick ones. The service bay which was huge was where he did all his work and what had originally been the offices and storage rooms were now his living quarters and the bathrooms outside are now showers. To cap it off he had the whole shitting thing surrounded by a heavy wrought iron fence, very cool if a bit cramped.

Afterwards we went in search of breakfast and the cat driving who was into everything old school took us to the Hanover House in Topeka for breakfast which is a restaurant that’s been around since forever. There I brought everyone breakfast which consisted of hash browns, chicken fried steaks with gravy, various eggs, mine over easy thank you very much. Bacon, waffles, pancakes, and this kickass breakfast sausage that looked like bratwurst but tasted like mild breakfast sausage. One guy had the peanut butter pancakes which were pancakes with a huge dollop of peanut butter on top which made me ask the question. “Again what are you, fuckin three”? That was the second time I asked that question; the first time was after the same cat trying to get his coffee cup as full as possible ended up covering half the table with spilt coffee.

Afterwards we headed back home which was a vaguely uncomfortable ride since after eating all I wanted to do was take a giant shit and go to sleep. But luckily after hitting the city limits of home we had to pull over and get gas and I decided it was now or never. Must make a mental note not to ever go to that gas station for at least a couple of years. After exiting the restroom I went up to the counter for a pack of smokes and got to hear the exchange between the cat behind the counter who looked and sounded to be from Pakistan and a couple of black cats from the hood.
Pakistani cat; “hey easy money how you doing”?
Black cats; “hey big money, how you doing”?
Pakistani cat; “I’m cool just chillin and shit”.
Black cats; “hey big money, we need to be like you and get some of that money”.
Pakistani cat; “you can, it’s called get a job muthafuckers”.
Black cats; “guess you got a point there huh”?

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Peanut butter pancakes? That sounds sick, I love peanut butter, but not in cookies and others things and definitly not pancakes.

4:11 PM  
Blogger Nightmare said...

I love peanut butter o n my pancakes. We used to be too poor to have syrup, so moms just threw on some peanut butter...LOVE IT!!

8:32 PM  

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