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Friday, December 19

Sweater meat and other such shit

Most of the porn on the Internet all looks the same so I tend to find a lot of it boring. It’s like how many airbrushed photos can a cat look at without getting jaded? But there are a few sites that I frequent on a daily basis, if for nothing else they currently keep my interest peeked. Oh, I won’t be putting down address, you’ll have to find the muthafucker’s on your own.

1. The Huns Yellow Pages. This is a huge link site that’s updated on a daily basis. The cat that puts it out seems very nice cause he’ll also throw out links to free spy ware or point you to shit that’ll keep your computer clean from hackers and other misinformed assholes out there. Now what’s cool about this site that makes it different from other so-called porn link sites is that it’s really user friendly and free. Plus when you click on a link it take you stright to the pictures without having to go thru all the insane button punching that other sites put you thru.

2. Daily Tits. This is another free site that takes you stright to the good shit. Plus you get to see the chicks that you want to click on. Also most of the women on this site are in the double D range or bigger. It’s also updated on a regular basis with a huge section of links.

3. Bobblers. Now this is not only one I like a lot but Michelle digs it too. It’s mostly amateur woman, but every so often Michelle sees a porn chick that she recognizes. It’s also free and has a huge archive section.

4. The Green Guy. This site is almost legendary in the Internet porn world. It has everything a cat needs and you can bypass the pay sections and go stright to the free shit. Has a huge daily updated link section.

5. Wool Junky. Now this is a new site to my viewing world but I just fuckin love it. As a matter of fact I was raving to Michelle about it just the other night. This cat that has a huge jones for wool puts it out, and yeah you heard me right, I said wool. He has a link section for books on wool, links to sweater products, links about knitting wool. But he also has a section featuring nothing but women wearing wool sweaters. And get this, all the woman are sporting the huge racks and shit, all five hundred plus of em. And if you were to ask me there’s nothing sexier then a nice rack incased in a sweater. Very jackalistic shit.


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