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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>stupid and the C-word</strong>

Wednesday, February 11

stupid and the C-word

A great man once said life’s hard, but it’s harder when you’re stupid. I’m just sayin cause it sure seems like it must be my lot in life to come in contact with every fuckin last one of em. I mean I’ll work with a dumb muthafucker all day cause dumb is just dumb. Hell, some of the brightest people I know are dog ball dumb. We all know the type; muthafucker’s are walkin Bomar Brains but tell em to put the jack under the car and they break out in a cold sweat cause they can’t figure out which end is up. Whilst a stupid muthafucker will open the trunk up, look at the jack and then tell you it’s not there.


I’m talking with Mito last night and we got to talking about certain shit. And you know how it is, certain shit will just pop up out’a nowhere. And all of a sudden there we were, talking about the C word. Yeah that word, the one that rhymes with punt. I was tellin Mito how I’ve never ever called a woman that word in my life, and most likely never will. Call me old fashioned, call me a man who respects women a lot. Fuck, call me a man that digs living. But growing up around my household and my neighborhood, a cat just didn’t call a woman that. Even if you was fuckin her and she said, “daddy, tell me you love my blank, and you want to eat my blank like a goddamn happy meal, you’d think of some other fuckin name to call it. Because the day some cat upped and called some chick the word that rhymes with punt, the sky would blacken and out of the darkness you’d hear a voice exclaim, “oh no he didn’t”, and the whipping of ass would be on. And after relaying all this to Mito and telling her how much of a problem I had with that word, she told me that to her it was just a word and didn’t see the big deal. Hmmm, differences of opinion I guess. But if some cat was to call one of my female friends that word that rhymes with punt, I’d have to step up and say something. What do you all think? Am I old-fashioned or what?


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