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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>G spotter</strong>

Wednesday, April 14

G spotter

I wanna talk about what I went thru last night at home whilst trying to sleep but it’s so odd even for me that I don’t really know how to go it. I’ll put it like this; I was consumed by these crazy erotic dreams that were so intense that they kept waking me up. I’d get up and try to walk it off but as soon as my head hit the pillow I was right back where I left off. For some reason I had this one person on my mind and all I wanted to do was make her have these screaming orgasms, and that’s what the whole night consisted of, me literally eating my way to her g-spot. And I swear to god that I was so fuckin bad off that if Janet Reno had knocked on my door selling Avon, I would’a tapped that ass. That’s when you’re a horny salivating muthafucker, when you know that during the night Janet Reno would’a worked out for a hookup. But I’m pretty much back to normal this morning, until the hot chica co-worker came by trying to get me to sign up for some Tupperware. I had to let her know that had she come by a few hour’s ago I would’a brought the whole fuckin catalog. Do you know that Tupperware has a special container designed to hold one apple? What the fuck’s up with that? How anal a mom do you have to be to send the husband or kid to work or school with a Tupperware dish designed to hold just one fuckin apple. And speaking of anal, there’s this small town in Tennessee where the local garden was forced to cover up its nekked garden statues with bits of cloth and shit, cause some anal cocksucker bitched to the local authorities and shit. That’s like some beehive haired bitch complaining about Rodin The Thinker, and demanding that someone wrap a towel around its ass. It’s art you stupid silly bitch, deal with it.

Muthafucker’s are probably related to this chick here in town that used to complain about a couple of Great Danes in her neighborhood. She wanted the owners to wrap the dogs in diapers because the dogs cock and balls offended her. Shit like that makes me wish I was a furry little monkey so that I could bum rush up and fling shit at her. Stupid little get.


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