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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>Well once again it’s Friday and it’s time to sweat the small stuff</strong>

Friday, June 4

Well once again it’s Friday and it’s time to sweat the small stuff

Remember a few weeks ago I was commenting on the asshole that claimed that the New York Upper East Side strip club Scores, fucked him to the tune of twenty eight thousand dollars? Well now there another too rich muthafucker bitching about how the same strip club did him in to the tune of $129,626 over a seven-hour period. I’m gonna say this and hopefully I’ll be able to let it go. I think it was P.T. Barnum, who once said there’s a sucker born every minute. And it was Ice-T who once said “if you were to cut me open and put me under a microscope, every cell in my body would be saying fuck you”. Well, ok, that’s neither here nor there, but what I’m sayin is that if your dumb rich ass don’t know enough to get the fuck out then you deserve the ass fuckin you get. Stupid too rich piece of spooge.

I saw where George W. and Laura went to the Vatican and presented the Pope with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. My question is do you really think the Pope gives a flying fat rats fuck about Bush and his medal? Check out the look on the Pope’s face when he greets certain people. “I’m the fuckin Pope, fuck you. I’m the fuckin Pope, fuck you. I’m the fuckin Pope, fuck you”. I mean this is the fuckin Pope, the fuckin spiritual leader of the Catholic world. This is the cat that has his own fuckin city, his own private army, text messages God on a daily basis and shit. The fuckin Pope goddammit! When Bush thinks the Pope’s raising his hand in a papal greeting? What the Pope’s really tryin to do is get his hand up high enough to land a haymaker across Bush’s lyin lips. Cause you know the Pope thinks Bush is nothing more then a brash young whippersnapper that needs his proper comeuppance. I’m just sayin is all.

PETA tells PETCO to stop selling animals. PETCO tells PETA to FUCK OFF
I put that up because I just love fuckin with PETA

And finally, here in Kansas City, we have this thing called the Union Station. It’s this huge assed old train station built along the same lines as Grand Central Station in New York, and I think it’s the third largest of its kind in the country. It’s a very elegant structure and beautiful to look at, and a few years ago the city raised the funding to restore it to it’s former pristine condition. But now there’s talk about boarding the place up because it’s losing money. And herein lies the rub. When the city restored Union station, they came up with all these ideas on how it could sustain it’s self. And the Man in all his finite wisdom said hey! Lets take this old train station that sits near all these train tracks where fuckin trains run by daily and turn it into an exhibition hall and a science museum for the kiddies. So that’s just what the Man did, turned the grand old lady into an science museum and exhibition hall, with a few restaurants and shit scattered here and there. And at first the kids and parents flocked to the new science museum and the exhibition hall showcased some really cool exhibits like dinosaurs and old motorcycles. But alas, how many time can you look at the same Mr.’ Roger’s shit, cause shit seems to be running thin and muthafucker’s were running out of ideas on how this grand old building that used to be a train station sitting near all these fuckin train tracks that stinkin trains run on every fuckin hour of the fuckin day could make money and remain open. So here’s the Mans newest idea on how Union station can stay open and make money. Lets fill the inside of the muthafucker with old busted up train shit from back in the day.


Instead of a science city type theme that couldn’t draw corn out’a shit, let fill the old train station up with even older train crap. Can ya feel the sarcasm here? Just a little bit? Come the fuck on! It’s Union Station, sittin on top of a shit-load of fuckin train tracks. The fuckin building is next door to the goddamn Amtrak station. Why not relocate the fuckin Amtrak station to inside Union Station and let muthafucker’s catch the trains there? Might be an idea huh? How about stopping with the being so fuckin high and mighty and maybe put a fuckin six-plex inside the muthafucker to attract revenue and people. It’s a big assed building, so why not fill it up with big assed building kind of shit. Anything to keep the fuckin doors open and the windows from being shuttered up. Shit, put a goddamn Jack-in-the-box in the son-of-a-bitch is all I’m sayin
"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Rusty said...

Makes me sick to my stomach to see "W" kissing the Pope's ass during the election year. The whole scene reminds me of when the stupidest kid in a grade school class hands a shitty picture he drew to his teacher, and the teacher is all smiles but is thinking, "Oh great, more crap to add to the pile of crap I already have".

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