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Monday, August 23

the MotherShip it wasn't..maybe the rowboat?

For those you that have inquired, my balls are doing quite fine. But I do have a scratchy throat from having my pubes kicked up into it. Nothing lots of water can’t help. I finished out my weekend going to the Hurricane Saturday night to hear this Cleveland, Cincinnati band that went by the name of Freekbass. According to their website, the leader of the band, a Chris "Freekbass" Sherman is the so-called protégé to old school funketeer Bootsy Collins, who also produced his album. Whatever, I guess Freekbass is one of those cats’s that’s big shit in his neck of the woods. But when Steve, who was working the bar, looked at me and said that makes four, as in bass solo number four, I got up and paid my tab. To me the cat and his band sounded like every other so called funk band I’ve heard. Plus I rather get fingered by hairy fat chicks then sit thru bass solos. And after the big guy on my left side casually announced to me that he was bipolar. And the cat on my right side was getting himself worked up because there weren’t any black folk in the band, and how dare they call themselves a funk band. There’s just times when you know when to call it a night. Plus if there were two people that needed to engage each other in conversation, it’s a big white guy that’s bipolar and a black cat upset over the bands ethnic makeup.
"and the monkey flipped the switch"


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at least it's not your balls that are scratchy :p

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