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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>smoke on the water</strong>

Tuesday, September 7

smoke on the water

Quote of the day,
“ you guys feel something cold on the back of your necks?”
Osama bin Laden getting that uneasy feeling.

I guess in order to get a good nights sleep I’m gonna have to either get a good drunk on or start doing drugs or maybe not. Beatin on the monkey ain’t relaxing me either. What’s this, week three? And I still can’t get the faces and pictures out of my head, ah but I shouldn’t bitch, there’s people in worse shape then I am. But seriously, fuck them that did this. I have noticed a change though, I find myself laughing at the silliest shit on the TV as of late. And if you know me personally, laughing out loud is something I don’t do very often. But even commercials make me laugh now. I guess it’s like a release valve deep inside my head, cause on the other hand my temper is getting out of hand, and that’s bad. Maybe I need to catch up on my gym dues and go work off some stress and maybe lose a few pounds, or go hang out with some healthy strippers. I don’t know, but I need to do something. I’m trying for a new position here in FEMA that’s gonna boost my already stressed head to the fuckin moon if not farther. God knows I don’t need the added bullshit but I’d be such a pussie if I didn’t try for it, plus with the gig comes more money and more money buy’s more shit to ease the stress. It’s also odd the things that I don’t find so important anymore. It’s like in the great scheme of things certain shit just seems to fall by the wayside. And unbelievably I slipped off the non-smoking wagon. Back on the 11th when shit was screwy, I walked outside my office building to get a breather and that’s when I realized that all the buildings around us were evacuated. That’s when I figured I needed a smoke, and like they say, all it takes is one. I would’a rather gotten a blowjob or drunk but that wasn’t happening, so I lit one up, but there’s always Zyban. I did hear from a very close and old friend the other day and knowing that certain people still love you puts the head in a good place and ain’t a damn thing wrong with that. Peace

and the monkey flipped the switch


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