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Tuesday, August 31


Ok, for all you out there always wondering what kind of guy I’d be in a relationship, here’s the results from a test I just took. I found the test over at Gray Biker’s site “In High Cotton”, and he found it here. I think most of it may be true but hell, I’ve never given these things much thought. Maybe some of you women out there that know me can tell me if the test came close or not. Here’s what it had to say.
eXpressive: 5/10
Practical: 3/10
Physical: 5/10
Giver: 4/10

You are a RSYT--Reserved Sentimental Physical Taker. This makes you a Brute.

You are volatile, stormy and incredibly sexy. You have a hungry, fascinating way about you. You are a riot when you're happy and a menace when you're angry. You are strangely appealing to your target sex, and they find themselves drawn in despite their wiser instincts.

In your professional life, your type makes you a star, a force to be reckoned with, and the one people trust when they have a problem that's beyond them. In a relationship, you are a bull in a china shop, and if your partner isn't clever s/he may get plowed down. I could warn you to be more communicative with and sensitive to your partner, but that's just not going to happen. You don't ask much of your significant other, so you have no tolerance for high demands on you. For you, it's either love it or leave it.

You work hard and play hard. You enjoy a good drink. You have had many lovers and will have many more. People try and fail to get you into bed. They want you for a friend and fear you as an enemy.

This may not sound too flattering, but the truth is that because you know yourself so well you're happier in a relationship than most everybody else.

Hemingway would write about you. Maybe Hemingway is you.

Of the 34417 people who have taken this quiz, 3.2 % are this type.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger satyavati said...

OMG. You're every guy I ever dated til I met my husband.

I *KNEW* there was something about you~!!

Here's mine:
eXpressive: 4/10
Practical: 2/10
Physical: 6/10
Giver: 8/10

You are a RSYG--Reserved Sentimental Physical Giver. This makes you a Nice Guy/Nice Girl.

Oh, poor RSYG. You're the one all your friends of your target sex *should* be dating when you have to watch them go out with jerks. You're the sweet one that the lead in a romantic comedy ends up with after s/he learns a valuable lesson. You're the best friend, the chaperone and the shoulder to cry on when you should be the lover. Well, no one ever said people were smart.

You dislike conflict -- you prefer to express yourself through action, not discussion -- but you know it is necessary. This means you are more likely to tackle an issue before it grows, but you're also more likely to stop fighting before the issue is resolved to your satisfaction. This isn't necessarily a bad thing -- it's kind of a nice compromise between fighting about everything and fighting about nothing -- but you have to remember to look out for your own interests sometimes.

You have a strong sexual appetite, but it seems so out of place with the rest of your persona that people find it hard to believe. Often they try to shield you from sexual content -- it's ridiculous, but you can use it to your advantage: everybody wants someone clean in the kitchen and dirty in the bedroom. That's you.

You don't want to cheat, but you might. Especially since it's only when you're in a relationship that you start getting the attention from your target sex that you should have been getting all along. Your experiences could make you misanthropic if you weren't so tenderhearted.

A lot of RSITs think they're RSYGs. They're not.

You'll end up with someone who deserves you in the end.

Of the 34767 people who have taken this quiz, 4.2 % are this type

7:07 PM  
Blogger Mark H said...

Okay, here's mine. Very eerie, how dead-on a lot of it is, after only 20 questions.

eXpressive: 4/10
Practical: 5/10
Physical: 5/10
Giver: 8/10

You are a RPYG--Reserved Practical Physical Giver. This makes you a 1950s Parent.

You are relentlessly patient, loving, generous and devoted. You are unflappable. If on some rare occasion you do raise your voice or say a swear word in anger, anyone around to hear it will remember it (and think it was funny). At the same time, you're very cute and charming, and even if you don't catch someone's eye at the beginning of the night you'll surely have their attention by the end.

Your calm, conservative nature conceals a passionate (and sexy!) heart.

You can have trouble bringing up problems, but your approach to conflict is calm and even-handed. The problem can be is that you are so busy worrying about your partner's satisfaction that you don't ensure your own. This can build up over time and make you restless. Despite your sexual nature, you are more likely to cheat emotionally than physically.

You tend to work out your frustrations in the bedroom. Depending on your partner, this can be an excellent strategy. You would be a great candidate to balance out an XSYT, but not a good match for an unappreciative RPYT.

You have an odd, ritualized vice that doesn't suit the rest of your persona -- like smoking a certain brand of cigarettes or drinking a certain kind of wine.

Of the 36878 people who have taken this quiz, 5.1 % are this type.

9:08 AM  
Blogger africanviolet said...

I don't know you well but from reading your stuff, I can agree with the line "You are strangely appealing to your target sex, and they find themselves drawn in despite their wiser instincts."

I find myself giggling/howling at the things I read here. Against my better judgement, I have even left this comment. From your older posts, I can see that you have "loved 'em, and let 'em go".
Go 'head brotha-man. Whatever makes you happy.

1:24 AM  

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