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Monday, October 4

ole stick in the mud

This week brings to mind on how it is that friendship and social behavior can be such a funny thing. Take for example Friday after work. I’m at the Hurricane hanging out with a few close friends, one of which included my pal Mito. Now I’ve never made it any secret that I’ve always had a thing for her. But I’ve tempered that with the fact that I rather have her as a good friend then lose her thru the onset of unwanted pressure because she understands me to a certain extent. Which to me is priceless. But the most important thing about her and certain other people is that I feel at ease around em and can afford the luxury of letting my walls down if I so choose too. Or I can sit there in the corner like a lump on a stump and they know that even though I’m not saying a word or paying em any mind, I know they’re there, and that’s fine by them. Cause they understand that later then not, I’ll climb out of the hole I’m in and join in. It can be Mito or Michelle or any one of the group. They may or may not understand me fully, and I’m not sure I want em too, but they get my vibe, no matter how fucked up it may be, they seem to get it. And because of this I can be whatever I want to be around these people. Does that make any sense? I tell people all the time who get on me because I tend to be antisocial that I barely talk to people I like. Why? Because good friends don’t have to talk to each other endlessly to dig each other is why. I’m not sure why I’m even putting this down. I guess because I was out with a new friend this weekend and I think she found me boring and left.
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Blogger angel said...

It's the people that you can be quiet with who are the ones who are most important.. the ones you don't have to be constantly thinking about what are you gonna say or how are you gonna say it.. you just be, and that's enough.

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