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Friday, December 10

bad, and so good for ya

In answer to a couple of e-mails from women along with comments that this blogsite frightens em a tad, let me answer this way. I feel that my blogsite and I both share the same attraction. You know that one ride at the traveling carnival that kind’a sits near the fence at the back of the parking lot? The one that all your friends and parents always tell you to stay away from cause it’s not good for you and it doesn’t look safe? The one that when cars drive by they all speed up a bit and lock the doors, and parents clutch their kids closer to their bosoms and walk em by as fast as they can? Oh yeah, you know the one. But sometimes some of you will stop or slow down and take a closer look cause deep down inside your heart tells you that even though it looks bad and unsafe you’ll have one hell of a ride and come away feeling just a tad bit changed forever? Well that’s us baby, we’re the bad ride at the circus that everybody wants to hop on but they’re afraid too because of what might happen. You’ll walk around the ride, you’ll stare at the ride, and you might even climb up on the seat and rub your hand on the ride to see how it feels. But that’s as far as you’ll go. But that’s ok, cause you and I both know that you’ll be back, and even if you don’t wanna go for a ride doesn’t mean it’s not ok to look and touch. I know you’re scared, and that’s ok too. And I hope I answered your questions. "
and the monkey flipped the switch"


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