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Tuesday, June 28

stop it

hey greg, get you some closure and come see if these are faux...muthafucker!

There are two words in use today that give me the runny shits every time I hear em. Those words would be “faux”, meaning not genuine or real and “closure”, meaning a bringing to an end. And I fully understand that of all things considered, this is a bullshit little bitch, but it’s the kind of stinkin assed day I’m having. ”
Its call FAKE, SAY IT BITCHES!!…..FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! Fuckin (F) fuckin (A) fuckin (K) fuckin (E)”.!!!!. Not “faux”
like you’re all fancy pants and shit living in France dying from the heat because you’re too fuckin stupid to purchase a goddamned window unit for your quaint little French chateau and as far as “closure’s” concerned, only pussies and leaky drawered little bitches need closure. The fuckin Duke didn’t need any closure. Fuckin Shaft didn’t need no closure. And Pam Grier and Raquel Welch sure in the fuck didn’t need any closure. The first two kicked ass until it “closed” up, and the last two would kick it till it opened back up, and do it buck assed nekked at that. Closure is that thing that swings the fuckin door shit and that’s that. Bitches!

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Anonymous panos said...

here are the words and non-words that I hate:


see also: any time a noun is used as a verb.

4:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fait accompli. I can finally admit my hatred for that saying.

But it only feels like faux closure to me. K Sose

5:46 PM  
Blogger satyavati said...

The one that drives me nuts is when people say they want/need/have to/are going to "touch base" with someone. This is "psych" jargon-all the therapists and doctors use it. I hate it. It drives me crazy. I always wanna say.. "Touch THIS, you idiot."

8:14 AM  

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