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Monday, September 5

I don't know nothin

First weekend in a long time that I was too tired to hit the bars, shit at work has just been sucking the life out of me. But if you apply it to all things involved it’s not that big a deal if you know what I’m saying. And because of whom I work for I’m getting beat to death out in public with question after question, and again it’s no big deal. I’ll answer every question to the best of my ability but, and this is in answer to some e-mails and such, I can’t or won’t answer em here or talk about work.

In the beginning I talked about the job and even had links to it on here but after reading the writing on the wall a few years ago I removed all references to what I do and unless it’s in a vague kind of way I won’t talk about it here. But I will say that in events like what’s going on in the gulf coast everybody has an opinion, and you can’t believe everything you hear or read.

And if you want to read some good shit about the politics of saving lives from a very cool Blogger go to Josh’s very informative site, “thoughts from Kansas”. He’s been staying on top of everything down south and you can even find me answering some of his questions. But like I tell him, no matter what I say you didn’t hear it from me.

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