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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: sisterly love

Tuesday, October 25

sisterly love

OG bobblehead

Best old school quote.
“Shit, you’re gonna give all this up…eight track stereos, color TV’s in every room, and all the blow you can take a day…that’s the American dream”
Blood talking to Priest from the Movie SuperFly.

Best quote of the week;
“You sure got shiny skin. Wanna make out?”

Bobble Head Bob talking to his sister.

I see that incest is back in the news. They found some clan in Southwest Florida that consists of the father and mother plus nine kids and four grandchildren. They all live out in the woods and everything’s on the up and up except for the fact that the mother and father are actually brother and sister.

Yeah, and now everybody’s in a fuckin tizzy because this just ain’t the right kind of thing they want to have going on and such. Folks are also finding out that some of the young un’s are suffering from the dreaded brain cloud disease and they just can’t seem to stop bumping into shit and peein themselves. And now the Law’s on their case and all these hi-falootin city folk wanna observe the family and figure out why they ain’t exactly right. And I quote;
“When inbreeding occurs, the gene pool is reduced, thus producing greater odds that two genes carrying a defective trait will express themselves in mental and physical disorders — or even death. “That’s why society doesn’t condone mating between relatives closer than cousins,”
said Henry Baker, associate chair in the University of Florida’s genetics department. Now I’d have to disagree with that statement. I think that the reason that society doesn’t condone mating between relatives is because fucking your sister or mother or sandbaggin Gramps is wrong and fucked up. Jesus! Forget all the big words and flowery chatter, families fuckin each other is just fuckin fucked up.

Remember when you were a kid at the family reunion and your dad slapped you on the head cause he found you eyeballin your first cousin? That’s why you got slapped, as a way to keep that shit grounded. But all things aside, I don’t get it. Why are Royal Families so cherished and revered? Aren’t they all a by-product of inbreeding?

Why do you think the British Royal Family is so fucked up? Scholars will back me up and point out the long line of suffering and shit like blood diseases and insanity within some royal families dating back hundreds of years due to marriage among kinfolk. They’ve been screwing each other for years, and you see all the fuss whenever an outsider is brought into the fold.

These muthafucker’s will usually fight it tooth and nail. Crazy bastards. But just think about this. If there were no incestuous inbreeding there’d be no Royal Family. If there were no Royal Family there’d be no flight from England to escape from “cough” high taxes and religious prosecution. Thus there’d be no America. Hmmm, kind of makes sense in a fucked up kind of way, doesn’t it?

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger satyavati said...

So what are they gonna do, take all the kids away from them and put them into the System, as if that'd be better? I mean, really..with nine kids and four grandkids I guess it's too late in the game to be trying to slap anyone on the wrist.
I'm not condoning this, btw, I'm just saying someone should have taken action before they had a flock of screamers.
And yeah, I got hit on the head at the family reunion. It's a long story and I'm not telling it.

12:30 PM  

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