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Thursday, August 17

still pissed

I'm still upset with Voyager especially since they’ve never replied to my e-mail. So I just sent a letter to their corporate headquarters along with my post and the e-mail conversation between me and the factory guy. I’m not trying to be a hard ass but I hate being ignored. Below is the cover letter.

Dear Sirs, I’m sending you something I posted on my personal website the other day concerning your company (2nd page). If you read it along with the copy of the e-mail exchange between me and your salesman Gary (3rd page), I feel you’ll get the general idea as to why I’m upset and writing to you.

I own an old police bike and every so often I post on my website updates as to what’s going on with it. The latest update dealt with the bike and a used Voyager conversion kit I had purchased.

After you read the following pages you'll clearly see why I’m feeling very disappointed since I did all the proper research concerning the bike and kit which included communicating with the Voyager factory.

I’m out twelve-hundred dollars which for me is a substantial amount of money, and I’m out the time it took to bring everything together. I feel that if Voyager can’t come up with the proper hardware, at the very least some sort of compensation is called for since I acted in good faith on the word of your salesman.

Thank you,

Greg Beck

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger SmedRock said...

You need to start a grass roots letter writing campaing via your ravenous readers. All they need to place in the letters would e, "Where is Mr. Beck's money?" A few thousand e-mails would at the very least cost some IT time to fix the servers. :) This is not permission to crash servers. Just a suggestion....

11:21 AM  
Blogger LL said...

Honey, crawl up their ASSES! Escalate if you don't hear anything. After contacting the Corporate HQ, see if you can find the president's email address. Copy every employee you can on the email you send him. That's what I did with Tiger Direct and it worked. I got my shipping fees back. You have TONS of readers. Everytime I come over here I see like 16 people on here at the same time, so you have the power to pressure them. If you need help, holler, m'kay?

5:59 PM  
Blogger Rusty said...

Good way to put the screws to 'em, Greg. Good luck

8:36 PM  
Blogger Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I have noticed in my life on the internet that companies really get nervous when an individual post something negative about them on their web site no matter how many people visit the site.

I think the way you went about it is right!

9:46 AM  

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