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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>tha fuck?</strong>

Tuesday, November 18

tha fuck?

Lets see, what’s fuckin my mood today? Oh, I heard last night about a friend of mine who’s ex is dealing with an oral yeast infection? How fucked up does that shit sound. Lets just say it real slow and savor how it sounds. O-r-a-l Y-e-a-s-t I-n-f-e-c-t-I-o-n. Now say it real fast. Oralyeastinfection! Oralyeastinfection! Hmmm, fast or slow it’s still fucked up. Most definitely means blowjobs are out of the question. John Allen Muhammad, of DC Sniper fame is going thru the sentencing phase of his trial. And hey, you know what the fuck? I’m not really that down with the Death Sentence, cause it’s like lost its original impact and shit, plus I feel that there’s muthafucker’s on Death Row that shouldn’t be there. But I do feel that it should be applied in circumstances that involve really fucked up shit. The kind’a shit that’s so fucked up that even the stinkin Pope is all about breakin his foot off in somebody’s ass. So my opinion is that ole John Lee and his young Padawan apprentice should be tied up to big ass A-frames that are set up in front of giant mirrors. Then the relatives of all their victims would be given razor knives of various lengths. Then in front of volunteer medics and shit, let em have a go at hacking off shit. Starting with the fingers and toes, then moving to the ears. After the ear’s move on to the feet and hands, then start slicing off nipples and cocks and whatever. The volunteer medics would be there so as the cocksuckers don’t be dying off too soon and all that. Now, after everything’s been removed from the torso except for the head, and oh yeah, the mirror’s are there so that ole John Lee and his young Padawan apprentice can watch themselves being quartered, whoever picked the short straw, or long, would then have the pleasure of shooting what’s left in the fuckin face. Yeah, that’s what needs to be done. Movin on.


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