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Monday, November 22

hotdog or tube meat?

I ain’t got too much to say today but I’m hoping this week goes by nice and slow, here at work at least and elsewhere. It’s supposed to snow for Thanksgiving and shit around here which is cool by me cause after all it is that time of the year. My mother and sister decided this year that instead of me bringing rolls or a bag of ice, they’re having me fry up some chicken. When my clan gets together we tend to go the soul food route, which means pork chops, fried chicken and maybe a fried turkey thrown in for shits and grins. It’s all good except that it means that I need to be up earlier then a muthafucker Thanksgiving morning to get my chicken on and all that. But if I prep the night before it shouldn’t be too bad, bad as in frying chicken with a hangover from the night before I mean. I did go over Sunday to set my bike up for winter and shit. It’s spending the winter under a shed with nothing over it but the bike cover so I needed to do a few things to it. I hooked up a battery tender to keep the battery in good shape and after filling the tank I added some fuel stabilizer. I know I haven’t ridden it much but I really like that bike. I was on it in the park a few weeks ago and some guy offered me on the spot a thousand dollars over what I paid for it but I told the cat I was keeping it. Time will tell if I made a good choice or not. After fucking with the bike I headed on home and ater that night Michelle came over and we watched the “Chronicles of Riddick”, staring Vin Diesel. We thought it was a pretty good flick and if Vin can’t do nothing else he whips some good movie ass. She thinks that he’s a fairly good actor but I think the less the muthafucker says the better off he is. I also watched Van Helsing earlier that day and I enjoyed that one too. The only problem I had with it was that some of the scenes were too darkly lit. Other then that it was very good for what it was. You know I’m not a movie critic by any means but I know what I like. Give me a good action movie or sci-fi flick and some buttered popcorn and a hotdog and I’m a happy boy. You know why? Cause I understand what I’m watching. I’m not trying to figure out a back-story or the mental aspects of the main villain or the deep hidden meaning in shit. I understand that he’s the bad guy and he’s gonna kill muthafuckers, and it’s up to the fuckin hero to put em down like the rabid dog he is. But I hear people all the goddamned time bitching about movies, either that the muthafucker was unrealistic or didn’t follow the storyline. Fuck me running. It’s a fucking movie for fucks sake. People take shit entirely to serious. When the plot involves some muthafucker flying a fuckin spaceship and getting chased around the rings of Anus by the e-vil bad guys, folks have to understand that their not watching high art and shit. I mean thank god for movies where the guns never run out of bullets and whenever a car gets bumped, it explodes. I love movies where the heroine has a huge sweaty rack and everybody, and I mean every fuckin body in the movie has unmatched Kung Fu skills. I want to see movies where the villain says;
“I will kill you, then kill your wife, then kill all your kids, then kill your pets, then kill your parents, then dig everybody back up and do it all over again, cause that’s how down I am with killing”.
And I want the hero that has ten bullets festering inside of em and all tied up with ropes and chains and barbed wire and weighted down engine blocks and shit to say;
“well you better bring it quick bitches, cause at the count of three I’m turning all you muthafucker’s into dead assholes”.
It don’t get much better then that for me. Give me a hero and a villain and some snappy banter and a few chicks getting slapped out’a their bras and I’m good to go. I’m just sayin is all.
"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Rusty said...

Greg, if I ever write an action movie can I use that bit of dialouge??? I'll give you credit as a co-writer.....:)

9:56 PM  
Blogger satyavati said...

OMG.. i found this link and thought of you instantly: ...sounds like you... only with a NY accent..

And YES i know, YES i know, tomorrow morning i swear.

Love you. Mean it.

12:36 AM  

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