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Monday, December 27


I had a very laid back Christmas and I hope everyone else’s went as well. Christmas Eve I hooked up with Sara and Corey at the Hurricane and got my drink on. I’ve noticed since I’ve cut back to imbibing only one or two nights a week my tolerance for Mr. Beam has dropped like a muthafucker. I need to watch that shit, but that night after I got home I did manage to send almost every single person I’ve linked too a Christmas greeting. My drunken ass was up till almost three in the fucking morning doing that shit. And if I missed you blame it on the fact that I couldn’t find your mail address or you didn’t have a comment section. Later that morning I headed over to my mother’s to hang out with her and my sister for a little Christmas dinner and shit. They seemed to enjoy my gifts; I got my mother a wireless intercom system so that her and my sister can yak at each other on the fly since they live next door to each other. And since my sister is the queen of lost data, I got her a large capacity jump drive that she can hang off her key ring and drag around with her. I got Michelle the same thing since she’s back in school and shit. She’ll start working on something at home and end up over my house on my computer so I figured she could use one too. Damn, who would’a thought, me, being all about the sensible gifts and shit? I got clothes from my mother and my sister laid some rather large knives on me? Not kitchen knives mind you but some old school back in the day hack a muthafucker up kind of shit. My brother and his wife sent me the complete fifth season of Buffy on DVD, and Michelle took one of my favorite pictures of her and had it enlarged and framed for the house, along with a picture someone took of the both of us for my desk at work. I hung the larger picture yesterday and after looking at it I decided I needed to move some shit around to make it fit better. I finally finished moving furniture and shit at eleven last night. I ended up filling up three trashbags and rearranging most of the furniture in my whole goddamn apartment. See what hanging one picture gets started?
"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yup, everyone should get one of those intercom thingies. nice. real nice. i can yell at the widow woman at first thought and get away w/ it. w/ the phone, theres always that time of going to get it, picking it up, u time to think about or forget why you're calling.

and i never thought about the hack quotient on the knives. really, i didnt. really.

so says the data losing sister

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got my message. Thx!

5:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thoughtful gifts and thoughtful greetings. you are the real black santa, papa! Have a wonderful new years.


8:24 PM  

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