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Tuesday, December 14

to all the newbies

Hey, lets sit down and as the baggy pants wearing kids would say, rap for a while. Every blue moon I’ll receive e-mails or comments pertaining to whatever shit I happen to be verbalizing about. And I’m here to tell ya that I love receiving and reading the opinions of anybody who takes the time out to read my blogsite, and if I could I’d shake your hands and thank each and every one of you personally. Some of you write encouraging shit whilst some of you seem to want to rip me a new asshole. And there’s even a few of you that want to take me to task because I don’t talk about the big issues of our day or you find my subject matter bothersome. But as we all know, my sky ain’t always the same color as yours. I love writing on my blogsite and I feel that expressing myself in such a manner has enriched my life. Now I’m no Rhodes Scholar but I ain’t exactly dragging my fucking knuckles when I walk either, but I know some shit. So when I first started writing on the web back in 2000 it took me a while to find my groove as to what kind of shit I wanted to write about. I could’a taken the politico route but there’s shitloads of muthafuckers out there that do it a lot better then I could. Plus writing about serious shit like that bored the crap out’a me. I could’a wrote about my day-to-day activities and my fucking cat and home life and shit. But that didn’t set me much to spinning either cause once again there’s bloggers out there that do that kind of shit better. And to be truthful? I don’t find myself that interesting. I could’a risen to a higher level and partook in the use of proper syntax or sentence structuring but I do that shit every day working for the Man, and I sure didn’t want to do it on my blog. But I do dig sitting in a bar with good friends talking shit over a few drinks. I’ll talk shit on the news; I’ll talk shit on the shit I see on the streets, I’ll just plain old talk some shit. So that’s how I patterned this blogsite. I want people to read it and feel that they’re sitting in a bar with me having a few drinks talking about what’s going on in the world. And one of my goals was have this blogsite speak in a language about shit that everyday folk would know and understand. So I decided to talk about everything under the sun, my day, the news, whatever the fuck twists my crank. And I’ll express myself in the manner that I see fit, which means that if I feel that using extreme language fits the subject manner, then fuck me running if I won’t. And because I tend to do shit in such a manner I’m the first to fully understand that my shit isn’t for everybody. There’s a lot of muthafuckers that won’t visit this blogsite because they find it abrasive and foul and sometimes the subject manner isn’t fit for man or beast. But on the same hand there’s a lot of people out there that understand what this blog’s all about and they “get it” cause I either hear from em or meet em every day. Hmmm, I’m not even clear as to why I’m writing this except for maybe because I’ve gained some new readers in the past few months I feel the need to let in on certain things. Ok, enough of this gay tree hugger crap, I’m going back to talking shit.
"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Sivad said...

you tell em! it's your blog and you can say what the hell you want. maybe you really are sensitive :)

2:47 PM  
Blogger Creature in Boston said...

I really really miss BSing at the bar over drinks. So, thanks for giving me that opportunity right here at work. Sometimes I share you shit with my office mate. About once a week we have a good laugh on you. Seriouslly....thanks.

11:15 AM  

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