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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>hi bitch, how you doing?</strong>

Sunday, December 12

hi bitch, how you doing?

This was a very quiet and laid back weekend for me. Got off of work Friday and swung by the Hurricane and as soon as I walked in I ran into one of the guy’s that worked there who told me that there was somebody at the bar that I might be glad to see. Or not. Sitting at the bar in all his drunk glory was this cat who used to work at the Hurricane and other clubs in Kansas City. I’ve known him for a long time and never had a real problem with em even though because he could never figure me out always gave me the sideways shuffle whenever he saw me. Which meant that except for when he felt exceptionally gracious he always gave me the cold shoulder and shit. Normally shit like that would bother me but since I’d known this cat for some years and knew that the reason he did half the shit he did was due to serious lack of self confidence I always went out of my way to speak to em. He was always one of those too-cool for school people that always had to be seen with the right kind of people and in the right places. And if in his mind he thought that you weren’t cool enough to associate with, he gave you the cold rub. Which was too bad cause deep down past all the bullshit he could really be a likable guy. But there he was sitting at the bar drunk as a muthafucker looking like shit. He saw me and gave me a great big hug and was glad to see me and all that but I was glad he split soon after. Like most folks who try to be “cool” and “down” and all that good shit he could be a huge asshole to those around em. He actually burned so many bridges here in town that he ended up moving to New York where he got a job working in a sandwich shop. It’s fucked up that instead of the cool things you did for local music you’ll be remembered for years as the huge asshole who got so fucked up that you pissed yourself whilst passed out in the bar.
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