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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>revivalist movement</strong>

Sunday, December 12

revivalist movement

Can a guy be in love with two many women? Not in a smack that ass kind of way but in a “love to be with you kind of way” if that makes any kind of sense? I was talkin about it with a friend of mine the other night and I got the feeling that she thought that was the funniest shit she’d heard in a while. I think I missed my calling, I should’a had my own religion or commune and shit, where all the women would be mine. You know, get the big fro’s, long hair and dashiki’s all goin on. We’d all be sporting the beads and doing that circle dance and havin group sex and all …….naaaa, fuck the group love, I wanna be the only swinging six in the bunch. But you get the drift. Runnin buck assed nekked thru the woods and skinny-dipping in the fish pond. All the women would call me daddy and do my bidding. Oh yeah, I can just sit here and close my eye’s and see the whole thing. That is until I started missing big screen color TV and the fuckin Internet and money, and bars and live music. Cause folk music around the fire just don't do it for me. Plus there’s bears in the fuckin woods and I don’t like bears, bears freak me out and the bugs would freak me out, and the last time I went skinny-dipping the cops busted me. And to tell you the truth, old hippies stank like a muthafucker. And back in the day every time I wore a dashiki it always got stuck in the crack of my ass. Just not cool.


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