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Friday, March 25


they want you to forget
You know what would be cool? If when the monsters come instead of running for our lives like a bunch of little bitches we turn and stand our ground. And we find that no matter how growley and fangy the monsters are we’re their betters. And instead of the monster’s eating our children and raping the womenfolk, we all get on with the business of breakin our feet off in their hairy scaly asses. Wouldn’t it be cool for once to see a monster movie where the monster’s land and everybody starts kickin the shit out of em instead of taking over like they always do? And after a few years of doing this, the monsters wouldn’t look so big and bad anymore would they?

And the president would call for a national holiday and we’d all have parades and shit where we’d chain the remaining monsters up and march em thru town like the beat down bitches they are. And after a while the monsters would become the nigger’s and spics of the world and we’d make em all forth class citizens and all that good shit. Because you know, they’re monsters and who gives a damn about em. Make em cut our yards and do all the dangerous shit that we don’t need to be doing anymore. But then someone would start looking at the monsters with pity and wonder if they’re just misunderstood. Then the cry would go across the land that the monsters aren’t so bad and maybe what we did to em was a mistake. And soon there are monster advocacy groups going around preaching that the monsters are in fact good folk and all they want to be are our friends.

And even though there are people who remember the monsters as they were and what they used to do, nobody’s hearing what they have to say. And soon all the old people that used to fight the monsters are dead and gone and there’s no one around to remember the evil shit that the monsters did to our women and children. No histories and films remain about the monsters because with the people feeling so shamed about the mistreatment of the monsters, they destroyed everything that showed the poor misunderstood monsters in a bad light. And then it comes to that day when the monsters are our equals and we look up and there’s a monster living on either side of us. There’s even a monster in the White House and shit. And that’s when we see the monsters for who they really are.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger satyavati said...

Tell Michelle I'm sorry for being a troll.

4:30 PM  
Blogger joe said...


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Blogger Rusty said...

Sat, she was not referring to you, or to me for that matter........You're in the clear :)

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