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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>it ain't gonna be them that kill us, it'll be us</strong>

Wednesday, March 16

it ain't gonna be them that kill us, it'll be us

First thing I see when I open the fuckin Internet this morning is a story touting this report put out by Washington reporting ways that terrorist might go about fuckin over America. The muthafuckin story outlined death by chlorine, death by plague and death by small nukes amongst others, all of which could kill thousands. After reading all this shit I’m feel all kinds of struck with the dumbass over the fact that it’s bad enough that all these evil muthafuckers want to kill us and shit.

But do we have to give em new ideas on top of all that shit how to do it? My god, let’s just invite the cocksuckers down to the nearest goddamned strip mall and hold class and pass out fuckin doughnuts and coffee and shit. What the fuck is up with these stupid assholes in charge? Didn’t fuckin CNN covering the war give anyone a clue that these dumb camel pussy-licking fucks read and watch our news better then we do? Then this afternoon Washington comes out with this brilliant statement.
“Sorry muthafuckers, we made a mistake and shit putting that seriously confidential report out the way we did. Blame it on the stinkin Hawaiians because even though no one told em not too, they put it on their state website and that’s how it all got out. Yeah, our bad. Sorry”
I don’t know who needs the ass kickin worse, the fingerholes that issued the report without proper safeguards, or the tiny bubbles playin ass chaffs that decided that shit like that needed to be read by all.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


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