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Wednesday, March 9

what I think part 1

I'm talkin here!

Lately I’ve been thinking about a lot of different subjects and the effect they’re having on society as a whole. I think upon these things and then try to sort shit out to where they all make sense to me but it’s like all these TV’s in my head switching on at the same time to different channels. And there’s so much information spilling across my brain that after a while I tend to shut it all down and go watch the water in the toilet flush. But then I see something in the news that turns all the TV’s back on and I get to thinking again.

I saw something the other day where one of those groups that do this kind of shit took a poll to see how the state of “ethics” in America was. Now this is a big question considering that ethics can either be a “set of principles of right conduct or a theory or a system of moral values”. Which if you go by those definitions means that the question put out by the polling group is (1) baseless, (2) full of shit, and (3) confusing as fuck. Meaning that everyone is gonna have varying ideas of what’s ethical. Fuck, asking that question is akin to asking muthafucker’s what shade of blue the fuckin sky is.

Because unless you’re some jackboot wearin stupid fuck, following the herd like some kind of mindless baaing little sheep bitch, you’re all gonna have different views about that kind of shit. But it’s safe to say that most people generally agree that “ethics” is what’s right and fair. Now if you’re stupid or clueless, which ain’t too far from being the same. You can stop reading, cause all that’s gonna happen if you continue is that you’re gonna get a headache or hurt yourself thinking of all the names you can call me cause I’m about to get opinionated because I believe that the state of ethics in America has reached an alarming low. I think that America is entering an era of McCarthyism unseen since the late forties and fifties.

I’ll begin by stating that I don’t have a problem with so called “big government”. What I have a problem with is an “intrusive government”. A government that in the name of national security is becoming more and more “1894” in it’s dealings with everyday people. And because of this, state and local government are following their lead and doing the same. And hand in hand in all this certain religious types are taking all this self-serving intrusiveness as a green light to carry out their agendas as they see fit. And you take all this and lump it together and people that should stick to their own shit and keep their fuckin mouths shut, are speaking out against everything that “they” see as wrong and unethical. Which ain’t really wrong until they take it upon themselves to make shit law.

“They” are deeming what’s good for us because they think and believe that they know the answers better then we the people do. Instead of putting the questions to the people, these few muthafuckers are taking it upon themselves to do what they see as ethical, and that’s the fucked up deal. We put our representatives in office to be caretakers of the people. We trust these people to do the right thing and to take our consul in matters of important interest. And when the question is important enough, put the muthafucker to a vote. But everyday there’s shit in the paper where some highbrow cocksucker has thrown up some issue that he or she has concerns about. And here’s where the ethical shit comes into play. “They” firmly believe that “they” know what we need, so they go ahead and make the decision to put things into law without the benefit of a goddamned reach-around.

Which means that when little Johnny goes to the public library to check out the book that during dinner his father said he enjoyed reading as a kid, and because “they” took it upon themselves that the book was bad and therefore shouldn’t be read by any kids or even carried by the fuckin “public” library, little stinkin assed Johnny can’t check the muthafucker out. Which is wrong. Leave that shit up to the parents and fuckin teachers, not some cocksucker that thinks god might not like it or maybe worse doesn’t understand the fuckin book.

Which brings me to god and some of his so-called disciples. But first understand that I don’t have issues with god; I feel that we understand each other pretty well. I don’t bust his balls every day over mundane bullshit and in turn he leaves me alone and on occasion, gives me the long stroke. So I feel right when I say that God and government shouldn’t have shit to do with each other. And since you ask, one good example is that instead of doing shit for the people, and by the people. We don’t need some cat in office dreaming that god is speaking to him thru his cat who’s saying that certain types of people are bad and should be banned and shit.

For some reason a lot of muthafucker’s insist on believing that god started America and wrote the Constitution. Bullshit, America was formed by people getting away from religious, my way or die, bunch of inbreed zealots. And unless I’ve read the damn thing wrong I don’t recall seeing god mentioned at all in the original Constitution. You know, even Thomas Jefferson’s slave owning ass insisted on a clear separation of church and state because he understood the difference between rules and facts versus opinions. Which breaks down this way. Rules and laws are clear for everyone to see and abide by and can be debated by all. Opinions and what god thinks are in the eyes of the beholder, therefore open to everyone’s own personal interpretation.
And I got more cause this is just the fuckin beginning.


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