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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>what I think part 2</strong>

Thursday, March 10

what I think part 2

Hey, I'm still talkin here!

As some of you might figure after reading the first part of what I think, I have personal issues with a few things. First off are people in political power doing not what’s good for the fuckin people, but doing instead shit that suits their own personal agendas. Secondly I am a firm believer in the separation of church and state. And here’s the confusing part coming up. I’m not against god; and I’m all about the Pledge of Allegiance being said in schools and shit like that. I just believe that when it comes to decisions that affect state and country, god needs to be kept out of it. So lets be moving on and all that good shit and here’s a few more of my opinions on things.

“The death penalty”
I used to be all about the eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth shit. But as of late I’ve switched gears on this one due to all the repercussions that has come with current DNA testing and all that. Meaning that there are actually people on death row screaming that they didn’t do it that really didn’t do it according to DNA testing. Plus wasn’t the whole thing behind the death penalty was that it was supposed to act as a determent to folks wantin to do heinous shit? Well judging from the fucking jails the death penalty ain’t deterring a damn thing.

Maybe in the near future the Man will get his act together and develop that giant glowing crazy eggplant thing that you can set a muthafucker in front of that’ll scan his brain stem and shit to see if he’s lying. And if he is a lying sack of shit and found guilty, get old school and tie his fuckin arms and legs to horses and make em all go in different directions. Yeah, watching some cat screaming his life out whilst hittin all points of the compass after being pulled apart by wild horses will make a muthafucker think more then a couple of times before fuckin up.
I don’t have much to say on this subject because I don’t have kids nor am I married but I do understand this. And that’s what business do I have telling a woman what to do in a matter such as that? Leave that decision up to the woman that has to birth the baby and raise it. Let her decide for herself, not a room full of old blue hairs that never had to worry about food on the table or being mature enough or having to deal with being a single young mother alone. But that’s just my thoughts. I know women that love and cherish their newborns even though at the time having a baby was the last thing they wanted. And after having the child will tell you that it’s the greatest thing that ever happened to them. But I also know women that can barely care for themselves; much less a child and they know it.
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