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Sunday, July 24

fashion police

I see that the shooting in London has gotten a lot of people all riled up and shit, claiming that the British police mercilessly shot to death an innocent man. Well in my opinion a mistake may have been made but the British police did what they clearly thought was the right thing. But let’s see what led up to the shooting.

During a two-week period a total of eight bombs have been set off in buses and subways killing scores of innocent people. Britain is undertaking a huge manhunt trying to locate the latest group of bombers. A special squad of British “Swat” type police has this building under surveillance because they think it holds a connection with the latest group of bombings. They see this cat leaving the building and when they told his ass to stop he refused.

Furthermore the cops were understandably concerned because despite the summer heat the cat was wearing a heavy coat. He broke and ran into the subway and the cops chased him down and from what the reports say, after taking him off his feet gave him a few rounds to the head thus killing him. Now I don’t know about where you muthafucker’s live, but here in Kansas City it’s a given that if you’re told to halt but you run decide to run from the cops around here, you get shot.

Then there’s the deal with it being a hot day and here’s this cat that’s not only insisting on running from the cops, but he’s sporting a heavy padded coat to boot. That alone would raise the hackles of any law enforcement officer worth their salt. Hell, when I was working in a bar in the summer and some cat walked in wearing the leather jacket or duster, I better see the bike he hopped off of or he’d soon find himself being shoved into a corner and patted down. And why some of my slower reader’s may ask, because aside from being a fashion freak, he could be hiding anything from guns to knives to bombs under the coat.

And lastly it’s a sad fuckin given that we live in an age of suicide bombers with muthafucker’s all wired up and shit willing to kill themselves along with all around them. All it takes it getting amongst the most people and fingering the trigger in their pocket and their jobs done. So you got cops chasing this muthafucker wearing a thick coat in the middle of July who dives into a subway station.

Most likely in the cops minds they got themselves a suicide bomber on the run and they have shoot him before he can trigger the switch. Except that this cat was just some freak wearing a heavy coat who for whatever reason, maybe he just scored who knows, but refused to stop when the cops told him too. I know there are overzealous cops the world over cause god knows we got some of those muthafuckers here at home and mistakes are made and people are sorry and all that good shit. But just ask any local cop or maybe ask the cat down the street who just got back from Iraq and see if they would have done it any different. I kind’a doubt it.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of Muslims in England are probably hysterical over this right now, wailing about how that Brazilian didn't have to die.

Neither did those 56 poor souls just trying to get to work (or enjoy some vacation time away from it).

DD is right on.


11:28 PM  
Blogger Arathorn said...

Around where I live if the cops tell you to halt and you keep on.......shame on you cause maybe only your Mom will cry at your funeral. People got to understand ....the way it is now anyone can look like a terroist to someone who is being paid to have a suspiscious mind and if they want to check em out they really can`t be blamed. I hate all the security checks that we go through but it is a necessary part of life.

8:58 AM  
Blogger Nightmare said...

I like the snipers motto in this situation; Run and you'll only die tired"

Hats off to the Bobbies, they did their job and fuck who says otherwise.

9:42 AM  
Blogger your brother said...

To a man,6 cops I've talked to around the D.C. area said the same thing. That coat wearing fucker needed to be put down quickly.

6:06 PM  
Blogger Cerberus said...

Well said. We all have to realize we live in a different world now. There is a w.a.r. and our happy asses are the targets. And, in that changed world, your local cop is now on the front line in a war, and so are all of the rest of us.

Mistakes can be prevented, just like this one would have been if the doofus had done the smart thing. Remember the Richard Pryor skit about getting stopped by the cops? "I am now s l o w l y reaching into my pocket to get my wallet. I don't want to be no mother fuckin' mistake."

6:09 PM  

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