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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: Independence Day

Monday, July 4

Independence Day

Inside the bunker lays a man smoking down a butt. He blows on his scorched fingers as he tells himself out loud that he has to stop smoking or it’s gonna kill em. He chuckles quietly as he figures that his fingers and smoking are the least of his worries. The “most” of his worries are sitting just out of sight over the ridge. It’s been almost ten minuets since the last rush. He counts the bodies on his side of the ridge and comes to the conclusion that he’ll get a medal for sure.

He wonders where his mom’s gonna hang it, probably with that nice picture they took together when he came out of boot camp he figures. She always seemed to like that one the best. He checks his watch again and notices that almost twenty minutes have passed. The rest of his team should be clear by now. Damn the luck that he had to take one through the spine, but at least it gave him a reason to stick around. Somebody had to stay to lay down cover fire so the guys could get away.

The squad had propped him up next to the bunker window and left him with water and their only working machine gun, and oh yeah, a shit load of ammo. Suddenly a shot rang out and he saw a puff of dust jump from his leg. Good thing my spine’s gone he thought, that would’a hurt like a bitch. As other shots start peppering the bunker he checks his watch and realizes the date. Son of a bitch, it’s July the fourth.

He smiles as he shoots back the bolt and squeezes the trigger. They gotta give me a medal now, I’ve saved the squad and I’m dying for my country, and on the fourth of July to boot. Hmmm, Independence Day, can’t think of a better day to die for my country. Wonder who’ll they’ll get to play me in the made for TV movie? Later as the enemy rushes into the bunker they stare down at the man with a mixture of respect and curiosity and wonder what kept him going when he should have been dead hours ago

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


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