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Monday, August 28

rescue me

So during a conversation with Michelle I came to a disturbing and somewhat not altogether sane line of thought. See, we’re in my living room talking and looking out the door to my front porch which happened to be full of a bunch of wood and ladders and shit belonging to some maintenance guy’s who are working on the building.

I mentioned to Michelle that it would have been courteous of the fuckin landlord to at least tell me that my fuckin porch was gonna be used as a construction dump for a few days. I said there’s no respect any more and I ripped off a short list.

My apartment getting broke into and even though guns got stolen, no one seemed to give a shit. “Ah, maybe not a respect issue so much as they don’t give a fuck issue”. My neighbors trashing the parking lot and leaving crap all over my rear porch and truck. The people from Voyager giving me the bum’s rush and now a porch full of wood and ladders and shit.

And let’s not begin to count all the disrespectful pushy tailgating drivers and all those other muthafuckers out there who think they’re better or more important then me. Anyway as I’m counting shit off on my fingers that’s when suddenly it hit me like a bolt of lightning from the fuckin sky.

I looked at Michelle and said I could see where some cat gets his fill of shit and decides to go out and get his. I understand climbing the bell tower and raging at the world or going off in public and setting an example. Because all a man wants is to be respected and if he can’t be respected or feel that he’s hit the wall that’s when he’ll go out and get some respect.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Nightmare said...

Or you could move to the burbs where we hold nice BBQ's and don't shoot each other on a daily basis. Where if our houses get broken into the neighbors will have a good description of whom it was if not holding them at gun point until you or the cops show up which ever comes first.

We don't call it "snitching" we call it Neighborhood watch. Someone pulls a gun and starts shooting into a crowd they are lucky if they can find 10 people NOT ready to talk to the police.

C'mon big Daddy join the dark side and move to the Northland...I'll get you a sweet deal on a townhouse.

11:54 AM  
Blogger Bane said...

Fuck me, I'd be happy just to be left alone. I respect myself just fine, and my woman and kids do to, and that's all I need.

Besides you as a neighbour, I mean. Between us, we could settle these unruly fucks down, and have beers and such.

Move the fuck on over to Oregon, and leave alla those philistines to rot.

6:27 PM  
Blogger Bella said...

It seems that many of my blogger friends have been having problems with people in general. It must be asshole season. The only problem, it's a never ending season.......

3:38 PM  
Blogger Xavier Onassis said...

"It must be asshole season. The only problem, it's a never ending season......."

That's true.

But the good news is, ain't no limit on 'em. You can bag as many as you want 'cause nobody cares enough about their sorry asses to report 'em missing.

6:03 PM  
Blogger Sapphire said...

Bella I could not have said it better myself. LOL! Thanks That just made my day. Shit after all this man has been through I'm suprised he has not just started laughing for no reason at all and go crazy. You know when you get to a point to where all you can do is laugh!...What a rush!...Fuck it! Shit happens!...Frikky Dikky. LOL LOL LOL.

Stay cool big guy everything will be alright...Evermore

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nightmare is right on. Urban living, which I did for 30 years, is a game for the young. Every effing thing that wasn't nailed down was stolen, I gave up on trying to keep a stereo in my car, parking tickets were over $50 a crack, needles, beggers, man RESPECT? are you kidding me? Let me keep my radio and I'd have been happy.

Now 30 miles west of the shithole(Denver), I'm in heaven. No crime to speak of, great neighbors that I know, polite cops, quiet nights, no saggers, no "whacha need?"

It's up to you man. I still make it into Denver a few times a month for this or that, but not living there, it is priceless.

1:54 PM  

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