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Monday, January 1

TV fu

Due to being ill or sick or whatever you want to fuckin call what was wrong with me, I haven’t left the dusty confines of my apartment for the better part of five days. So I got to watch a lot of fuckin TV over that time and here’s a few observations I’ll share with you.

You know those “Spy Kids” movies by Robert Rodriguez the same cat who directed badass movies like The Faculty, Dusk to Dawn and Sin City? Well I’ve become a huge fan of all the Spy Kids films and I feel all right with that. Even though they were made for kids I think they all make pretty good watching. And yeah, you might as well throw Shark Boy and Lava Girl into the mix also.

Michelle made me watch another Lindsey Lohan movie the other night which happened to be Mean Girls. Not a bad flick if I must say so. I also watched the remake of the old Mel Brooks movie the Producers.

This was another film I really enjoyed even though it was as gay as a muthafucker. But all the time I watched the movie I couldn’t get the thought out of my head that Matthew Broderick not only fucked Helen Hunt but is currently knocking the bottom out of Sarah Jessica Parker too?

And what the fuck is wrong with my local Pizza Hut? I know last night was New Year’s Eve and shit but goddamn, I ordered my stupid pizza at fuckin six thirty and it didn’t get to my fuckin house until after ten? Yeah, on what has to be one of the busiest nights for pizza delivery these on top of shit muthafuckers only had one, I repeat one cat delivering pizzas.

And on an ending note I watch over and over the last minutes of Saddam Hussein. Even though this was a horribly evil man I couldn’t help but feel some pity for Saddam as they led him to the gallows.

Until the moment that they wrapped the hood around his neck he still seemed defiant. But the second the cloth went around his neck you could see all the fight go out of his eyes with the finality of it all. I’m just sayin.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger stephanie said...

i went lookin and found the video somebody had taken w/ a cell phone. i hate i missed the neck snap and the dangling feet. didnt show enuf of the dangling feet.

8:30 AM  

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