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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: bullerproof monks

Thursday, May 24

bullerproof monks

“Buddha-hood is sometimes defined as freedom from the negative states of mind such as hatred and desirous attachment.

When one is freed from mental obscurations one is said to attain a state of unimaginable, continuous bliss where all limitations on one's ability to help all other living beings are removed”.

Yeah, well that shit got stretched the fuck out yesterday according to the news story here in town.

Here at our Union Station a group of Tibetan Monks were demonstrating the art of constructing a Tibetan Mandala, or a “kyil khor” if I’m not mistaken.

Which as you all know is a sand drawing usually depicting a landscape in Buddhist lore or a vision of Buddha. Native American Indians also created their own mandala’s in sand as well as clothing and other objects.

So these monks have been at it for two days working on this large sand drawing and as you can tell from the photo it’s some painstakingly nitpicky shit.

Plus you have to admire muthafuckers who can work all bent over like that for hours at a time. So they get done for the day and head back to the hotel to get their prayer and juice on.

After they leave, this little kid crosses the ropes barricading the mandala and decides he wants to dance all over the almost completed sand drawing just fuckin it up.

A surveillance camera recorded this small crumb snatcher, maybe two to three years old, who after waltzing through the ropes into the sand started dancing like he lost his fuckin mind.

After a few minutes, the video showed a woman pull the kid away walking off like nothing happened, acting like it was just another trailer park day at Wal-Mart and shit.

And of course Tibetan monks being who they are just quietly started rebuilding the mandala saying that they held no anger toward the child or his mother.

Of course some of my many inside sources were on hand who told me what really went down. That after walking in and viewing the damage the monks excused themselves to meditate in private and pull their shit together.

They headed out back behind the train station where they got all Kwai Chang Caine on a bunch of bums and white craned the fuck out of a couple of locomotives.

Myself personally?

I think the little kid deserves to be handed over to the monks for a couple of months and his stupid mother who should have had his meddling ass under tow, needs to become the monks bitch servant for a good while or blowing em or something.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Spyder said...

I have a lot of respect for the monks, for many reasons.

10:36 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

You know, the purpose of the sand painting is to show the impermanence of beauty, so really, what the kid did was perfect. That's why the monks reacted in the very predictable manner that they did, that is what Buddha is all about.

I personally would have liked to have kicked this kid and his mom's ass.

7:06 PM  
Blogger Xavier Onassis said...

It cracked me up watching that kid stomp through that sand painting like it was a mud puddle after a storm. Then seeing his mom come snatch him up with and drag his ass off with nary a word to the authorities. "I'm sorry. My son just trashed a piece of Tibetan Sand Art. I'd like to make arrangements for him to replace each single grain of sand in it's exact position. But I don't want the Tibetan Monks supervising him. Do you have any nuns with rulers on staff?"

9:44 PM  

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