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Thursday, April 7

blast from the past......"eat me"

I’m not this something I can eat.........?

Fucked up headline of the day;
Britain urged to crack down on ape meat trade
It seems that there’s a proliferation of African Ape meat being smuggled into the UK and being sold as tasty treats. Kind’a makes dog meat not so important, eh? People-eating-the-meat-of-Apes. That’s bout fucked as it gets.

I was reading some shit the other day about how South Korea is taking a unified stand against the capitalist imperial pigs of America. They’re telling PETA and every other round eye muthafucker in sight that eating dog is a national pastime and so good for ya! Cause it seems that South Korea's been getting all kinds of bad press over this issue and they've had enough of our shit!

South Korean’s have been eating dog and the occasional stray cat for centuries but there’s also South Korean’s who cherish and love the little furry sacks of meat more then their own kids. What a nation in turmoil. Word on the street from my many inside sources has it that Korean folk eat dog for the sexual vigor that comes after a heaping bowl of poochie chowder, plus it also heals what ails ya. But there are also South Korean people who love dogs so much that they won’t take a job unless they can bring little Sparkie along for the day.

And now there are special restaurants that cater to the dog lover crowd, I mean as in ole Muddbutt can sit at the bar and lap up the Evian out of his own bowl. And then there are the restaurants where a cool Korean cat after polishing off a bowl of spicy crimson soup made of stewed canine, red pepper and sesame leaves can light up a smoke and burp up Muddbutt the dog to his or her hearts content. All I’m sayin is that what right do we have to dictate what’s right or wrong for other people in other countries to eat or not?

Hell we enjoy sushi, tartar (raw ground beef with spices), and escargot. Cow brains and pig knuckles and headcheese and all other kinds of shit I can’t think of. And just the other day I had dinner over my Mother’s house and I watched her and my Aunts gleefully knock back plates of ox tails and barbequed pig’s feet. The world has enough division without America getting into somebody’s business about what they eat. Give a muthafucker a break why don’t we.

And with spring all here and shit here’s something to munch on the next time you work out in the yard. It’s been found that one of the most popular weed killers sold can turn male frogs into froggy pillow biters. It seems that there’s something in the weed killer that enables male frogs to develop female sex organs.

And get this; it stops their ability to croak, which is what guy frogs use to attract the fairer sex. Man, that’s some bad fuckin juju. If the shit does that to frogs, what’s it gonna do to little Manuel seeding the golf course.
Hijole! Hey cabron, what’s with the big tits you’ve been sportin lately, and how come you don’t pee with the rest of us anymore?
How fuckin embarrassing would that be?

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I have always said that if a persons beloved dog aand the person were stranded with out food the dog would become food before long. Who comes up with all of these freaken rules any way?

Whe stationed in Korea the we would joke about how the word for for beef and the word for dog sounded almost the same.

But the pesticide company will tell you everything is fine.

3:56 PM  

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