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Thursday, August 11

blast from the past.....the old man

I can't remember if I ever posted this on this site, but if I did sue me. I like it.
Best quote from my father.....
“it ain’t fightin that’ll get your ass kicked, it’ll be me kicking your ass if I ever catch you walking away from one"

If you were to walk into my mother’s house and look into the family photo album you’d eventually come to a photo of my father in his twenties. It’s not very flattering and it’s not your normal family touchy-feely kind of photo but it’s a cool representation of his outlook on life. It’s a close-up photo of his face all fucked up and shit after a severe ass kickin he earned one night at work. Here’s what happened or at least the way it was run down to me.

It was during the time of the race riots just after Martin Luther King was gunned down and shit was fucked up here as it was everywhere else. The Old Man was just a few years into his life as a cop and was pulling patrol during dog shift when he saw this large crowd gathered around this doorway and he went over to see what the deal was. What was going on was a group of the local hoods throwing craps on the sidewalk.

Well, digging his job as he did the Old Man figured this shit had to go. So he walked into the middle of it all and told muthafucker’s to hit the bricks or get the shit kicked out of em and win a free ride to the hoosegow. Now myself I figured the Old Man must’a run out of fingers counting heads cause he was kind’a out numbered. But true to form he had no back up to his ass and he waded on in and the fight was on.

The way the story goes shit turned into a regular pier six brawl and cops came running in from all over. When the dust settled the Old Man had gotten his share of getting his ass kicked but by all accounts gave as good as he got. The whole shittin mess ended up at the police station and while booking everybody they stuck the Old Man into a room to cool off and get his hurts treated.

But much to the chagrin of all the other cops, on the other end of the room sat two of the hoods from the fight waiting to be questioned. The Old Man was never much for missing a good opportunity so into the fray once more. More ass kickin ensued and the legend was off to a running start. And some of you gots to wonder where I inherited my lovin attitude on life.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Cerberus said...

Your dad sounds like my kind of cop. It sounds like he epitomized the Texas Ranger Motto "You can't stop a man whose in the right and keeps on a comin'."

4:29 PM  

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