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Thursday, August 4

do you hear it?

It makes you wonder doesn’t it, you know, who’s crazy and who isn’t? Pick up the paper and every day there are stories about people who plead insanity to escape some heinous crime they committed. Then you got the courts who parade expert after expert who supposedly have the know-how to determine if that person is insane or not. In my opinion it’s just that person trying not to take responsibility for their actions.

We’re all a bit crazy in one way or other, like the cat who invented the atomic bomb, musicians, artist, the man who built the first laser, any inventor. Any talented individual who takes an idea or action to the farthest extreme can be considered crazy. These are people who do not or will not think normal. And they have that one common theme; they’ve all been called crazy by their peers. I think that the only thing that separates them from all the others is that they tend to listen to the voices in their heads. Hell, I do.

The voices in my head get so loud at times that no amount of whisky will make em settle down, and that’s the difference, between so-called crazy and so-called sane. We all have that dominate voice in our head that tells us what to do. Hmmm, do I want cheese fries or cheese burgers? Why am I sitting here reading this crap when I could be watching the Teletubbies? This is the voice that most of us hear on a daily basis. You might have also heard it called the voice of reason.

Then there are those of us who hear many voices.
“You need to push that punk in front of the bus”!
“You know you got the skills to build that set of flying shoes you always wanted”
“Dude! You can rob this bank. Just run in and cap some old people and take the money and run! Nobody gonna know it’s you under that mask”
The secret is knowing which voice not to listen too. But look at you muthafuckers; you’re all sitting out there feeling smug and safe in your saneness, thinking what a line of shit Greg’s talking.

But think back to the last time some asshole cut you off in traffic, the voice said
“pull up next to the car and roll down your window and flip em off”
You found yourself doing it didn’t you? And you found that your heart was pumping and you got a rush off it. You dug doing what the voices said; and you wanted the voices to come back, again and again.

And they did till one day you looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the eyes looking back. But the familiar voice was still there. But this time it’s really loud and saying
“look under your bed, you’ll find a gun and a mask. Remember that asshole in traffic that flipped you off last week? Well baby its come get some time cause we know where he works, we know where they all work”!
The voice says
“don’t sweat it; I’ll talk you thru it. It’s gonna be ok”

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Society and dogma deems whats crazy. I think both suck, but I am crazy.

2:48 PM  
Blogger Nightmare said...

Thank you for the reminder, I will try a voice filter.

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The crazy insane ones are those who have no fear...The sane one's have fear and it's the good fear keeping us inline makeing sure we don't go on the flip side.......Wait what the hell am I saying......"voices in your head say" Watch a zombie movie in the dark naked eating porkrinds....Look at her brest thier so huge don't you just want to grab them and squees them and put your face between them and rasberry them......blow real hard on your arm and make a big fart sound in public.....walk around all day saying...fuck it! fuck it! fuck it..."a nice little old lady walks up" fuck yoooou...Set up all the bar stools up like buildings and knock them down while acting like godzilla....I don't have voices at all Im just saying I am not crazy! I'm just a little emotional right now, ok? Ya'll throwing all this stuff at me, man! Look, I mean, after this is over, can I like get a hug from you or somethin?"...."give sapphire a hug and tell him everything will be alright"......Evermore

Well maybe that one voice that say's climb up a tree naked and act like a monkey holding your dick..That's the only voice I have..pretty much. I am sane I think.....Wait what am I typeing ...Who are you...where am I...Who am I.....Evermore

P.S. Brother we are all crazy...This world would be very boring with out us........Evermore

I'm ready for my probing now doctor....LoL I just had to add that in for laughs....Evermore

Sapphire Raven

12:22 AM  
Blogger Arathorn said...

I think everyone has the capability to snap and do it. Do the crime, do the violence, do the insanity. Lets hope we all continue to make good choices.And sometimes remember it is ok to be a little crazy.......sometimes.

9:18 AM  
Blogger Cerberus said...

Some of those little voices speak wisely, like the one that says "do that shit and you'll be in lockdown with Big Omar the Bootie Bandit." You have to know which voice is looking out for you and which one wants to see you be Big O's new lady friend.

11:38 PM  

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