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Wednesday, August 17

guest poster

Unknown to most my best pal Michelle has quite the storied past. And for someone that looks so normal her freak flag has hit the brass cap on more then a few occasions. From porn store clerk to bun headed Liberian, she’s the real deal.

From owning one of the largest porn collections to having total recall of every porn star past and present along with a complete understanding of the Dewey Decimal System to hand feeding me whilst in the hospital, she rocks. Plus she has the coolest stories to tell so I’m letting her post em on my site from time to time. So here’s a quickie to introduce her. Say howdy to Michelle.

When I worked in a porn store, it was insane the number of couples who would ask me to be in a threesome with them. Did they think, just because I worked in a place like that, I was for sale or something? And that I could take all the toys there home with me for their tryst? It's not like people would normally walk up to a cashier at a grocery store and say,
"hey, you, me and my girlfriend, and a couple of those cucumbers from the produce aisle* tonight. What do ya say?"
Or say to a clerk at a toy store,
"how about you and me take the big stuffed bear home tonight and make it a threesome?"
Just because someone works in an adult environment doesn't mean they are going to sleep with you. Quit propositioning those poor girls who work in porn stores, dammit!
But come to think of it, all my threesomes have been with girls who worked in porn stores, so* maybe you shouldn't listen to me :)

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Tony said...

Porn store stories! Yey!

I can't imagine buying porn from a woman let alone making eye contact with anybody in a porn shop. It's just one of those things you just wanna get through without talking to anybody, like using a public bathroom.

I'm looking forward to these stories, I can't believe the first one. Some people have huge balls.

3:35 PM  

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