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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: blast from the past...10/27/2000....Texas Death Rant and Burn the Socks

Sunday, February 12

blast from the past...10/27/2000....Texas Death Rant and Burn the Socks

So there I was, another night of sitting around in my underwear watching the tube. Next to me was my stupid cat who I might add was not wearing anything, I know it makes me sick too. We were watching CNN and who in the hell do you think CNN was interviewing, the stupid sock-puppet from Pets.Com. For those of you new to my perverse style of thinking I hate the stupid sock puppets.

To those of you who know me from old you might remember my ongoing diatribes about the stupid sock puppets. And yes, the stupid sock puppet was talking the same brand of bullshit, rehashing over and over his problem with other sock puppets on TV who take all his thunder. You know, burning that muthafucker along with the hand inside would most likely make my day……………….. Well, that’s five seconds of my life I can’t never get back. On to what really amazed me. I also watched a live report from Huntsville, TX on this cat that was going to the death chamber. Now-lets-get-this-out-in-the-open. The guy had 19 years and over 30 chances to get off death row. You break the cookie ya gotta sleep with the crumbs, or some such shit. From what I read about all his past crimes, he gave as good as he’s getting.

If any of you guys saw the broadcast, did you check out the setup outside the prison? The Prison, a shitload of guards and shitloads of Texas highway patrol, 17 Texas Rangers, a barricade and a whole lot of pissed off people with signs protesting. Best sign of the night: DA + JUDGES = LYERS.

Damn that Texas school system! The best part was when THE NEW BLACK PANTHERS showed up to give their two cents worth. Check this out; these cats were carrying semi-automatic weapons and the newscasters in DC freaked.

A quick insight in Texas.
• Do not kill old folks, women, or kids in Texas.
• It is legal in Texas to carry a loaded rifle in public as long as you do not point it at anyone.
• It’s just plain fucking legal to carry in Texas.
• In Texas, you can drink and drive or last I heard.
Remember when I pointed out that there were only 17 Texas Rangers watching the crowd? That’s all they needed cause Texas rangers do not fuck around, just ask Chuck Norris.

But really, Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale would have pimped slapped this crew.All they did was march around in circles, with the press corps chasing them. The cops gave em a look over and went back to what they were doing.
“Up the people, down with the man” just does not carry the same amount of push anymore.
Well, enough of my senseless ramblings.


Blogger LL said...

I just gotta say this, Greg. The way you write fuckin' SLAYS me!! Too funny.

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