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Tuesday, January 30


I’m just going to throw out some bits and pieces today and see what sticks. First off when you live in midtown long enough you always see some of the best shit going on, and I’ve lived here all my adult life.

Take for instance yesterday on the drive home. I’m coming up on this big hotel on Main Street as I see this cab swing over to the curb and slam on its brakes. The cabbie who’s this bigass white guy jumps out and runs up to the cab parked in front of him.

The bigass white guy cabbie yanks open the rear door of the cab and at first I think he’s pulling someone out but he comes out empty handed. While this is going on the cabbie whose cab is getting assaulted jumps out and I see that he’s only half the size of the bigass white cabbie.

Now the half sized cabbie who looks to be of Middle Eastern decent may be small but he clearly has a set because he immediately gets up in the face of the bigass white cabbie who blows all up and starts screaming at the half sized cabbie of Middle eastern decent.

My curiosity was really peaked but because it’s midtown I of course go about my own shit which if stopping by the store on the way home. So I headed on up the street to my favorite little grocery store at 40th and Main which happens to be the ghetto Thriftway.

Now of course just a few blocks away in either direction there sits two large modern grocery stores but I’ve always dug doing my thing at the ghetto Thriftway. If you ever want to see what Westport and Midtown was like thirty years ago, you need to check this place out.

Once you park and make it past the bums standing around outside and sneak past the oldass Jehovah’s witnesses who I swear have been there since I moved into the neighborhood back in the seventies, you make it inside.

Once inside the first thing you pick up on is the smell but then again that’s more then likely because you’re downwind of the bums. It’s small, sometimes not very clean with narrow aisles and a so so selection of shit to buy.

And some of the muthafuckers you see shopping there look questionable as well as the baby’s mommas who work there. But the armed guard hanging out at the checkout staring you down usually makes you feel better.

But to a midtown regular it’s a friendly enough place where the staff is always willing to help you carry your shit to the car. Plus they carry a hand-cut bacon that makes a BLT to die for.

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Anonymous Joshua Xalpharis said...

I wonder what the cabbies were rumbling about.

I also avoid Box Marts and go for the smaller establishments that is less likely to be shafting customers in the search for a higher bottom line.

10:47 AM  
Blogger PGP said...

Does anyone eat spam anymore?

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Serra said...

Oohh, I could seriously DEAL with some of that hand-cut bacon! My NaziDoc is insisting I don't eat anything with a lot of cholesterol (aka shit that tastes good), and that's getting boring in a big hurry.

And what the fuck are the little balls in the middle of that picture? Onions? Melons? Mouse balls?

3:27 PM  

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