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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: Anna

Thursday, February 8


I’m sorry to hear that Anna Nichole Smith has died from what may be some sort of overdose. I’ve always liked her crazy ass and even got to meet her one time. Well not exactly meet her like shake hands and shit but I got to stand really close and say hi.

Plus for years I lived with the stressed out Italian stripper and with the exception of her having dark hair and that permanent tan thing going on, she could have passed for Anna’s twin especially from the neck down.

I had to throw this on!!!!!

I’m on my way home and I’m all struck by the dumbass with the greatest rumor I’ve ever heard. Muthafuckers on the radio are talking about this crazy shit that Anna Nichole Smith actually committed suicide. What they’re saying is that as everybody knows Anna by a judges order is supposed to have her baby’s DNA tested to see who the real father is.

Wither it be her lawyer pal or this other cat who claims to be the father. But Anna overdosed because she knew that once the paternity tests were done the real truth would come out as who the baby’s daddy really is.

And that the whole world would find out that the actual father of the baby would be not the lawyer or the other cat but Anna’s dead son who died by overdose just a few days after the baby was born.

Which means that Anna not only fucked her own son which is fucked to begin with but ended up getting knocked up by her own kid? Like I said it’s only a rumor but how fucked up would that be if it was true?

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Sapphire said...

NO WAY!!!. Not in my world. Sick bastards. I clamied her as the next marilyn monroe. Elvira, marilyn monroe, Chyna, The list goes on and on. You name them in my world she did no such thing......In my world she lived a happy life and if any of you sick basterds keep talking about her that way I'm getting frikky Dikky...

Want a piece of me!!! Just bring it!!!.....Let her rest in peace............Evermore

11:05 PM  

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