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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: superbowl

Monday, February 5


So while every other muthafucker in the world watched the Superbowl I watched a marathon running of “Ghost hunters” on the Sci-Fi Channel. If you’re not familiar with Ghost hunters, they’re a team of people who go to various “hunted” places around the nation and the world to see what’s up.

Their mission as I see it is not to debunk or prove if a place is hunted or not but to walk in with various cameras and scientific pieces of gear and after turning out all the lights, wait to see what happens. They’ll investigate a place all night long then after packing up their gear go over all the data they’ve collected and see if anything odd has popped up.

As a person who has seen ghosts and firmly believes that these muthafuckers are part of our world, I think these are either the bravest cats in the world or some of the craziest fuckers I’ve ever seen. But after thinking it over, it might be a toss-up between them and the camera crew because at least they made searching out hants and shit a personal choice, but the camera crew might not have it so easy.

You look at any reality show wither it be some cat chasing nefarious shit off in the Amazon, Cops or whatever, but next to the star of the show huffing like a muthafucker is usually a cameraman and sound guy. Take rock climbers, you got some cat hanging three-hundred feet off the side of a cliff by his pinkies and if you’re lucky the camera will swing and you’ll see one of the cameramen.

And who’s the real athlete or star here? Cause here’s this muthafucker who always looks like he’s had a couple of quarter-pounders too many holding on to a forty pound camera rig with a smoke in his mouth being supported by a rope filming the whole climb.

This cat works for the union so it’s not like he has his choice of cherry picking assignments and shit. One day it’s being suspended over the side of a skyscraper or having to follow the Ghost hunters into the dark depths of some abandoned prison at midnight just to see what’s up. Again I’m just saying.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


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