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Monday, April 30

the simple life

When I’m not using my home computer to kill the evil hoard or farther my attempts to take over the world, I’ve discovered all these sites that showcase these crazy video clips.

They might be porn or Japanese fetish or some jerk biting it on a skateboard. But I find them to be highly entertaining and a fun way to kill some time.

I wish I could show you guy’s this one clip but my computer skills only go so far. But it’s a ten minute clip of two Hispanic chicks wearing nothing but bikinis punching each other in the stomach.

Both chicks are very attractive and even though they’re knocking the crap out of each other they seem to be having a great time.

One will get punched in the gut and bend over in pain but straighten up giggling to beat the band and then it’s her turn to punch the other.

And so on and so on it goes, and oddly enough or not. It’s strangely erotic in a voyeuristic, watching half nekked women punch each other kind of way.

It reminds me of this video my ole buddy Steve Tulipana showed me years ago called “girl trample”.

It consisted of forty-five minutes of half nekked women walking on each other. No sex or titillation, just a bunch semi nude women walking on each other. Kind of poetic in its simplicity.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Anonymous Nuke said...

Death to the evil hoard!

Now, for something completely different, I watched the video of 2 chicks slapping each other for prizes on a local radio show, but gut punching woulda been much... is coller the right word!?

8:39 AM  

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